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Our Story

Our story so far...

The idea started with a broken printer.

Last year, every morning, my daughter would walk around our bedroom and eventually, and inevitably perch on my printer. As she grew, the printer didn’t, and the paper tray no longer cut it as a spot for her to nestle.

So, I started to build her a chair. And in that process discovered the following were vital in creating a long lasting, sustainably made piece of furniture that truly belonged in any room of our home and would grow as she did.

Timeless. It needed to be a piece of lasting value that could be used for years, by more than one child, something to be passed down.

Durable. It needed to be more inviting and structurally sound than a printer. So we’ve built a resilient wooden frame, and upholstered cushions with sustainable materials that can be removed, cleaned, and interchanged for alternative colors as your child grows and tastes change.

Beautiful. The design needed to compliment the aesthetic of our home. No more tucking items away before guest arrive.

Clean. The materials and craftsmanship needed to have an emphasis on environmental respect. Our chairs are responsibly made to protect your children and their future environment.  

Mobile. Kids are rarely static, the chair needed to be light and easy enough for a child to move on their own.

Inviting. Even little ones deserve a bit of luxury. We chose fun, bright colors of soft Ultrasuede ® that kids love to cozy up with. 

And that's the Chair I built. 


This is the first in a collection from Franklin+Emily that will be designed around how children play and interact with furniture. As the collection grows, each piece will be designed and built to work together as a family. This family of furnishings will live in your home as you do. Not in one room, but throughout the house — moving with and by your children, as they do.

Here’s to kid-functional design, long-lasting furniture, and adult-pleasing aesthetic.

Franklin + Emily - Our Story





Manufactured using ultra-microfiber made with 100%-recycled polyester purely reconstituted from such post-industrial material as scrap film.


Both ash and walnut are sourced from small local mills in upstate New York and finished by hand.


Tried & True wood finishes are composed of 100% renewable ingredients coming from trees, bees and seeds. 100% solvent free, Zero VOC’s and safe for food contact.