The Franklin+Emily Sustainability Approach

At Franklin+Emily, earth month is every month for us as we try our best every single day to offset our carbon footprint. This week we're celebrating our successes in sustainability! Here are a few areas of our brand that we are working towards becoming more sustainable, in addition to being Climate Neutral Certified.

Design + Build Responsibly

Sustainability in furniture begins at design. Which is why we test different materials, methods and production techniques in order to minimize waste, maximize every piece of the raw materials and so you as a consumer can get the most out of every piece.

For production, we're working on getting our studio up to the same standards as our pieces and are researching ways to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter without the use of traditional heating and cooling methods.

Making our pieces fully assembled allows us to make them stronger and hide the connections internally so they will last longer, without the need to re-tighten or leave up to the consumer.

Maximize Use

With each material we use, we try and gain the maximal use - whether from the wood, leather or other finishes.

We moved away from woods that required a lot of milling, trimming and sanding to get to the dimensions needed. In 2019 we moved the majority of our pieces to Baltic Birch plywood with CNC technology, which increased our utilization of the sheets of wood to over 95%.

With the leather we use in the Toddler Tower or Leather Lounger, we stamp and punch the trim pieces to create a branded holder for the adjustment key or for bookmarks that we include with our pieces. The goal here is to respect the materials and eliminate, or at the very least minimize waste where possible.

Extend Life

We design and build our pieces to last. Our goal is to not have any of our pieces end up in landfill.

In 2017, over 12.2 million tons of furniture waste was generated by Americans with only 0.3% recovered for recycling. We want to avoid being in landfill altogether.

Through proper care, the lifespan of our pieces can be extended. Our dream is for our pieces to go from our little ones to theirs. If you've outgrown one of our pieces, contact us and we'll find it a good home for another little one to enjoy.

 In Summary

Every step we take, decision we make, product we create, ties back to our sustainability mission. Our pieces are created for our children today, and made to last for their children down the road. We aim to leave the planet better than we found it, which is why being a part of organizations, like Climate Neutral, are a big step for us in being able to track real change within our company. We're are working on being more open and accountable with these efforts and will be sending updates throughout the year on how we're doing. Thank you to everyone who has supported our brand journey. We're all in this together.

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