Our Favorite Design Forward Toy Brands

Our Favorite Design Forward Toy Brands

"Things that children learn without joy, they forget easily" — old Finnish saying
Play is so vital for developing minds, and providing children with the toys and tools to let their creativity unfold is important. Here is a list of a few of our favorite toys that spur and encourage creative play and get the imagination rolling. 

Candy Lab Toys

Candy Lab’s ethos align very closely with ours. They believe that good design should be attainable by all and are committed to the use of natural materials, with their unique craftsmanship guided by the principles of the mid-century pioneers of modern design.

Forget the mass-produced plastic cars, Candy Lab’s classic wooden cars are loved by children and parents alike. 
Wooden Kids Cars


These colorful, geometric magnetic tiles are bound to keep any child engaged in a creative pursuit to match, stack, click and build. Originally designed by a Japanese math teacher, these bold tiles encourage learning in the livingroom through imaginative play — helping to build fine motor skills and to gain an understanding for building, balance and symmetry. 
Kids Toys


Wiwiurka’s designs pull on inspiration from the Pikler, Montessori and Waldorf approaches to early childhood development to create children’s furniture and toys that promote movement and active and creative play. The clean and beautiful design of Wiwiurka pieces fits into any home or play-space, and creates an interactive platform for children to develop gross motor skills and collaboration through play.

Kids wooden furniture


Designed by Cas Holman, Rigamajig is built to foster children’s creativity, encourage them to ask questions and to work collaboratively through unstructured play. There are an assortment of kits available, and they can be made into a nearly infinite amount of iterations including simple machines

Rigamajig has won multiple awards including the Parents’ Choice Foundation Gold Award 2018 & Dr. Toy Best Picks Award 2018 — for a peek into Cas' process check our her recent episode of Abstract on Netflix. According to Cas Holman, “easy is boring” and you can see how she pushes beyond the ‘norm and easy’ in all that she builds and designs. The thoughtful and beautiful kits are made of responsibly sourced, high-quality materials that are built to last. 
Kids Wooden Toys