As a company that makes furniture for kids, we believe it is our responsibly to make brand decisions that will benefit kids’ comfort on this planet for generations to come.

Our #acorncrew guides our sustainability strategy, and here are a few of the details.


It’s not enough to use sustainably sourced materials. As a business that procures, fabricates and ships physical goods, we use precious resources and create pollution — and it’s our responsibility to do what we can to offset these actions.

For us, it isn't enough to just reduce our footprint, we aim to be net positive and are taking a more regenerative approach.

We've become Climate Neutral Certified to measure, reduce, and offset the carbon generated by making and delivering our products.

As we grow we will continue to be mindful of our impact and take action to be a socially and environmentally responsible company.

Small Details, Big Impact

Built to Last

Thoughtfully constructed, we hope each piece sees generations of adventure.

Our Story

Sustainable Design

CARB Certified Wood · Plant Based Materials · Natural Finishes · Vegetable Tanned Leather

Our Values

Safe + Natural

We've carefully selected materials and finishes that are safe for your family and home.

Our Materials