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Beautiful and helpful, please make a kids table and chair set to match!

I was in search of a wooden step stool and was so thrilled to come across this one. It is beautiful, lightweight and perfect for my daughter to move around the house and use as she needs. I love it so much that I ended up also getting a toddler tower for my son, and it's wonderful to have beautiful and functional furniture for them to use. I had a few questions about finishes as I wanted to make sure they were the same across products and the customer service was great. I can't wait to see what products they make next!

I think I love it as much as my daughter

The design and craftmanship are wonderful, and it looks great in our home. But, what has really surprised me is how much it's helped me. It has allowed my daughter to participate while I cook or work on projects and she is so much more engaged when safely at counter height that it gives me the flexibility to get more done while she is safely by my side. It's a great addition to our day to day, a perfect platform for learning and participating and it is getting more use than we had imagined!

Perfect gift for my 19 month old

I love that this product is made in the USA, you can tell. The quality and look of this product is exactly what I was hoping for.

Great toddler tower!

My 3 year old loves this tower! he can now help me cook, and do the dishes. I love that there is felt on the bottom of the tower so my child can push it around by himself. The craftsmanship is great. Thank you!

Toddler Approved

My toddler loves his learning tower and adapted to it quickly. Love that we didn’t have to build it ourselves, one thing less to worry about.

Toddler Tower

Toddler Tower

The best & stylish

Nice to look at and my son loves it.

Tower for our lil Foodie!

Our son received this as a holiday present from his Grandparents and it was a hit from day 1. He has quickly become adept at climbing up and down whenever he wants something from the fridge or kitchen counter. It gets used every day! He's been very busy in the kitchen baking and doing simple meals with us!
He absolutely loves it but we also love it! It is so well built, that we sometimes use it to grab something from the top shelf in our kitchen too! No more needing to fetch the step ladder.
And its design is so minimal yet gorgeous. It just blends into our kitchen perfectly.

Craftsmanship, Quality and Service

We love the learning tower!!! Functional and Beautiful!!! This is my first purchase with them and we are beyond pleased with the craftsmanship, quality and customer service. When it first arrived there was damage due to shipping. However, David was very prompt with responding and resolving our issue. He was very friendly, informative, and made the process seamless and as convenient as possible. We received a replacement and it arrived perfectly. We love the quality and the design! My toddler uses it daily and we are very happy! Definitely recommend!!

Amazing quality

It is perfect

Incredible addition to the kitchen!

We bought the learning tower for our 18-month-old and absolutely love it!! We have been using it almost daily to include our little guy in super simple cooking, as well as to do messy arts & crafts (think: play dough) on the kitchen counter. He loves being in it and being almost at our level. We also love how it looks - it's so minimal and stylish, it doesn't feel like children's furniture (a lot of which can easily become a plastic eyesore in the home). The quality is great too. Couldn't be happier!

Love the product, but there's one problem

I love the layout, the design, and the size! However, the surface isn't practical for a child to use. My child already had a bloody nose, paint, crayon markings, and glue all over it. Unfortunately, it is difficult to remove these stains completely and preserve the beauty of the product. Regardless, thank you for a beautiful desk and chair!

Grandmother's Helper

Two year old, Maya, loves her "tower". She calls out T o w e r, whenever she can't reach anything. She loves to autonomously wash dishes, wash her hands, feed the fish, use her "laptop" at the kitchen island like everybody else, whisk eggs, fix her cereal- anything that needs to be done at the kitchen counter. The Tower has saved my back, neck, hips... as I used to hold her up to reach everything and try to balance her to do stuff, but with her increasing weight, before the tower, I had to set her on the counter- which besides being precarious, wasn't conducive to good motor skills development. and often put her within reach of many dangerous objects... now, she climbs right up on her own and she's very happy and safe. She can climb down and get something she thinks of that she needs and climb back up at will, leaving me with the ability to get stuff done! We're both more productive and happier. Back in my day, there was a song about 'Mother's Little Helper' The Tower is IT!

Worth every penny

We love this! Not only does my toddler love helping out in the kitchen, I don’t mind having this stay out because it’s so pretty to look at! We will definitely use this for years to come! Such a great piece!


I bought this for my five year old son as we navigate virtual kindergarten. It’s perfect. Very well made, classic and came fully assembled. Love it!

So cute. Perfect size.

My 5 yr old got this desk set for her birthday and loves it. It is the perfect size for her. Additionally, it is very well made and so simple and classic.

Fantastic!! you get what you pay for

This is a high quality, well made piece! Everyone that enters my home compliments us on it (we had to place this desk/chair set up in our living area). I'm so glad we found this company, and will certainly purchase more pieces going forward. Well worth the wait!!

a durable, multifunctional chair

my kid adores this chair for sitting, but also playing. she uses the cushions and the frame to create her pretend worlds from sailing the seas to putting her dolls to bed. when we have adults come over, they also find it wonderfully comfortable to sit in.
it's durable, beautiful, and not a landfill eyesore that will only last a couple of years.

Beautiful + Functional Leather Lounger

I'm constantly in search of items that are functional, beautiful and sustainable for our home. Franklin+Emily has perfected the art of building children's furniture that is built to last, be displayed proudly, and move throughout the home. For a little girl with a book obsession, the Leather Lounger has been a wonderful addition to our simple home. It's the perfect height for her to climb in and read away, it's a surprisingly great walker (our daughter pushes it all over the house!), I can personally vouch for its comfort as I frequently sit in it while we build with blocks on the floor, and it looks great!

Functional + Beautiful Learning Tower

I'm constantly in search of items that are functional, beautiful and sustainable for our home. Franklin+Emily has perfected the art of building children's furniture that is built to last, be displayed proudly, and move throughout the home. While our daughter is still young (14 months) and doesn't use the Tower independently quite yet, it's already a staple in our kitchen and will be for years to come. She loves being able to help prep meals and clean-up - children are never too young to help!

Perfect for Small Spaces/Kids

We have twins and were concerned about the size of most desks - the ones from Franklin+Emily are perfectly compact and just the right size for my 7 year old b/g twins! Needing to fit 2 of everything can be difficult but the flexibility of this desk and the comfortable chairs make it really easy to fit the desks in tighter spaces (I live in an NYC apartment!). The kids love the pencil holder and the cup holder has helped reduce spills which has become super important now that we are full time remote for school.
In short, these durable desks are perfect for both of my kids and I am so excited we have them!

excellent chair

the leather lounger is very well designed, lightweight and strong. the proportions are perfect for a child, and the materials, especially the leather, are extremely durable and meant to last a long time. our daughter loves to sit and read on the chair, with the added bonus that there’s still room left for several of her stuffed animals to join her for story time.

Best decision!

We received the desk for our two kids in April to finish their school year and have used them daily ever since! It gives them both their independence and we have all figured out how to work together and effectively from home. They are in our living room and they are the perfect size and blend in just right. Instead of creating more chaos and clutter they help us keep everything in the right place and still look good. I highly recommend this set to all families!

The chair is dope...

We were one of the early people to buy one and the chair has now seen its way through two little ones. It's stood the test of time and still looks brand new. This chair sits in my family room right next to the rocking chair that I had nearly 40 years ago as a toddler. I have no doubt that both chairs will still be around for my grandkids in a couple of decades. Quality is worth keeping and handing down.

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