Copy of Small print/FAQ

If you have any questions or concerns not covered here, we can be reached via our Contact page.


FAQ - For Kids

Does it come in a box?

Yep. Big one. Anything else?

What do I do with the large box?

Since the dawn of time, kids have played with the box or container that a toy, gift or delivery has come in. We embrace this and use it as both a teaching moment about sustainability and creativity. Our packaging is made from 100% recycled material and we hope you’ll give it one more use.

After you make your creation, take a picture and post it, tagged with #almostfullsize #playoutsidethebox


FAQ - For Parents

What is F+E's return policy?

It happens. We love them, but if you don’t, part of making you happy is making returns and refunds as easy as possible. We offer a one-month refund on all our products.

If it’s a matter of fabric color, we can swap out a different color cushion. (Frames are not exchangeable.)

That said, if an item is defective or damaged in some way upon delivery, let us know as soon as possible and we can arrange a replacement or refund.

To help with that, it’s best that you keep the packaging to ship your ship your furniture back. Unfortunately, due to the nature of these items, delivery fees are not refundable, but we can extend a discount on the return shipping.

Care(free) and (low)maintenance?

For the cushions, the fabric loves a quick once-over with a lint brush to help restore the soft luster of Ultrasuede®. Periodically, it’s also recommended to vacuum the fabric and then dust it gently but thoroughly with a well-wrung damp cloth or sponge. (Take care not to get the fabric too wet in doing this.)

For stain removal, please see the documentation provided by the fabric manufacturer here

The frames don’t require a lot of maintenance. Try and avoid direct light and heat sources and setting anything hot or damp on the arms of the Chair. This will help the natural finish last. 

The leather ages beautifully with use, and is cleaned simply with a damp cloth.

What’s the deal with the acorn?

It’s the seed of an oak tree. The design of the brand was conceived by the NYC design company, Virgo NY. We wanted something universally recognizable from a young age. Something that suggested youth, but also growth. Also, something that kids might find in a park or on the street and have a connection to.

How do I clean the frame?

We recommend using Murphy’s Oil Soap or other wood-specific cleaners.

Our finishes are considered water-resistant, but not waterproof. We recommend that the surfaces are kept dry at most times. The surface can get wet as long as it is dried off in a reasonable time.

Are the cushions machine washable?

Absolutely. Simply unzip the covers at the rear or bottom, remove the wrapped-foam and wash with like colors, tumble dry on low heat.

What does the future hold for Franklin+Emily?

Lots. There are several pieces in the both the design and prototype phase. New pieces that will ‘play well’ with other pieces and continue to let children expand.

Are you in stores?

No, Franklin+Emily furniture is only sold online at this time. However, if you are in the New York area you can stop by one of these fine retailers, bookstores, or play-spaces to sit in and see our chairs.

Can I see the fabric?

Absolutely. Until we get ordering integrated, you can send an email to to order a swatch sample.

Does it require assembly?

No, ready to sit in, right out of the box.

What’s the age range that you recommend?

The chair was designed to accommodate kids from 3 until 9, but strong enough for parents to sneak a sit once the kids go to bed.

How long will my order take to receive?

Franklin+Emily furniture is made to order and finished by hand, please allow 4-5 weeks from purchase.

Where do you ship?

For now, we ship domestically only to the lower 48 states. This too shall change. Shipping is free for all orders over $150.