10 Ways to Reuse Our Packaging

10 Ways to Reuse Our Packaging

Franklin + Emily is committed to creating a better future for our children through sustainable practices and climate change action. Achieving sustainability and fighting climate change requires creativity and innovation — something we are always striving towards.

You can learn more about our materials, practices and sustainability goals here — and if you’re eager to take things a step further and teach your children about reducing, reusing and recycling, our packaging is made from 100% recycled material and we hope you’ll give it one more use.

Here are 10 creative ways to reuse our packing:

1. Use it as a Sled: Each of our boxes can be easily cut into up to 4 cardboard sleds, then after you’re done enjoying the snow use the slides as mats for your wet and dirty boots!

2. Build a Fort: You and your child’s imagination is the only limitation here. In fact, Fatherly even has an architect’s approach to cardboard box fort building.

3. Create a Tunnel: Put a few boxes together and you can create a magical tunnel to just about anywhere. Cut out holes in the side to act as portholes or poke holes on top to let little stars shine in.

4. Make Wings out of it: Angel Wings, Dragon Wings, Insect Wings … cut out cardboard sides into whatever type of wing suits you. Or, get WAY more complex.

5. Create a Cardboard Village: Cut out various building shapes to create a cityscape. Paint or draw in windows, people, dogs and anything else to make your cardboard city come alive.

6. Use It as a Drum: Cardboard boxes have more resonance than you think. Hitting the top or side, with the lid open or closed with various objects hard or soft will result in drastically different sounds.

7. Create a Painting Box: Painting with children is obviously a messy enterprise. Create a painting box by cutting one side off the box then place paper and a painting station inside the box. Then, no matter how much splatter … it stays inside the box.

8. Put it on a Skateboard and Make It Into a Racer: This one may require adult supervision and a helmet but paint our box in whatever racing colors you’d like and pop on top of a skateboard.

9. Place for parents to hide and take a zoom call: Here’s one for the parents! Are you working from home and can't escape your littles? Hide here for a few and take any calls you need to throughout the day.

10. Reuse it as a Box: …like, to store stuff.

An environmentally sustainable and balanced future is a great future for everyone. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and have fun!