Why WOOD is the Best Material for Children

Why WOOD is the Best Material for Children

Here at Franklin+Emily we are passionate about wood! We believe that responsibly grown and harvested wood will be one of the most important materials in the 21st century and is the best material for children. Here are a few of the reasons…

Environmentally Sound 

Despite the long timeline, when managed properly wood is a renewable resource. It’s vital that our resources and forests are responsibly managed, harvested and replanted which is why as a company that uses wood as a major component in it’s furniture we also actively give back to organizations like One Tree Planted. Wood is a much more environmentally friendly material when compared to plastics, is biodegradable and reusable!  

Durability and Longevity 

As we all strive to move away from a disposable culture, our consumer goods should be built to last. Wood toys, furniture and objects for children are rarely mass produced (the way plastic toys objects are) and are not meant to simply discarded. Wooden objects for children are also much more durable, capable of enduring generations of playing and when passed down from generation to generation they forge connections. 

A Little Piece of Nature 

Surrounding your child with natural objects like plants and wood can help them forge a balanced understanding and connection to nature. In fact, there are studies which suggest that connections to nature in places of learning and/or work improve mental and physical development and wellbeing.  

Wood Exemplifies the Ethics of Stewardship

Franklin+Emily believes in Stewardship as essential brand value, creating objects that can last and should be handed down. Wooden Toys and Furniture, if treated right and respected, can last multiple lifetimes. Our furniture helps to instill this mentality in our children, as a conscious rejection of disposable consumerism.


Our Baltic Birch frames are constructed of 13 layer plywood that is certified by both the Forest Steward Council (FSC) and California Air Resources Board (CARB), ensuring trees were responsibly grown and harvested and that the bonding is free of toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde. Many plastic objects, toys, and furniture are often constructed with the intent that they will soon be thrown away and thus break more easily leaving small and dangerous pieces for children, and ultimately the planet.

We see wood is a Win, Win, Win for the environment, your children and our future.