How we are celebrating Halloween

How we are celebrating Halloween

Like many things, Halloween is looking a little different this year. But, that doesn't mean we can't all dress up and have a little fun. Here is a little round up of some of our favorite Halloween activities + ideas that we've heard our friends and community are planning this year to make the most of this spooky holiday.

1. Trick or Treat at all of the doors in your home. 

2. Create a scavenger hunt throughout the house and yard for candy, crafts and holiday treats.

3. DIY family Halloween costume contest - the more the merrier with family and friends across the country with video calls and virtual costume fashion shows.

4. Crack open a Halloween Piñata! 

5. Get cozy and crafty. Need some inspiration? Print off our coloring sheets! Or, get the kids involved and cook up a spooky dinner or snacks. Decorate with handmade pumpkin candles, tassel ghosts, or one of these fall themed projects for your little ones. And, don't forget the tunes!