#WeLoveOurAcornCrew: Mackenzie Fulcher

#WeLoveOurAcornCrew: Mackenzie Fulcher

Welcome to #WeLoveOurAcornCrew, a series where we get the chance to meet and feature our amazing customers. For our second feature, we're excited to highlight Mackenzie Fulcher, mama to Nori and Isla, and proud owner of two Toddler Towers for a Mother's Day special.

Today, we're talking all things motherhood in honor of Mother's Day! We did a Q+A with Mackenzie and talked with her all about what it means to be a mama to her two beautiful girls. Take a look!

Q: What does being a mother to Nori & Isla mean to you?
A: Being a mother to my girls means that I have reasons other than myself to continue to show up each day and make each one better than the last. I have two little girls looking up to me, who will one day be women, and I want them to be even better than me, so I think of it as an honor, and responsibility every single day!

Q: What's your ideal Mother's Day?
A: My ideal Mother’s Day would be a slow, relaxing day with my family. Maybe a picnic, some pampering while the girls nap, then a movie night all snuggled up!

Q: Describe motherhood in ONE word.
A: Rollercoaster

Q: What's a favorite memory with Nori & Isla?
A: Probably both of their births for very different reasons. Nori because she was our first child. The feeling of seeing a little person you created with someone you love come into the world is absolutely indescribable. And Islas because david actually got to be there that time to experience it all. He was in Air Force training when nori was born, so seeing him witness it all was so, so special.

Q: What makes Nori most unique?
A: Her imagination! She is so clever, and loves to come up with games, songs, and so much more.

Q: What makes Isla most unique?
A: Her humor- she is SO funny and would pretty much do anything to make you laugh.

Q: What's one piece of advice you would give to new or expecting moms?
A: Give yourself grace. Motherhood is HARD. It truly is a journey, and much like one in real life, sometimes the roads are rough, hard to navigate, and exhausting, but the exhilaration and thrill of it all, and getting to your “destination” each day is so rewarding and worth it all.

Q: How do your Franklin+Emily Toddler Towers make motherhood a little easier?
A: They allow the girls to be even more independent (I didn’t know it was possible, haha!) but they can help me in the kitchen and get things for themselves that I’d otherwise have to stop what I’m doing to help with, or would have to hold them while I was trying to get things done. They get so proud helping and love doing things themselves! We love F+E!

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