Introducing the Franklin+Emily #Acorncrew Series

Introducing the Franklin+Emily #Acorncrew Series

Here at Franklin+Emily, community is everything. Our products are designed to grow with your family, and with the purpose of empowering and inspiring notions such as: independence (hello, Learning Tower!) gratitude, comfort, sustainability, and so much more.  

The past few months have shown us how important it is to foster meaningful (and sometimes difficult) conversations with our families, friends, loved ones, and peers. 2020 has, if anything, broken the bounds of how we spend time together, both as families and from a social perspective. From Zoom birthday parties to peaceful protests, to say that this year has been a learning curve would be a huge understatement. (Let’s be honest, it really feels more like a learning rollercoaster.)  

While launching a product that promotes engagement and curiosity, we found it fitting to create a learning series to help parents and kids alike navigate some of the topics that are most relevant in our community today, and sharing easy activities such as recipes for families to make together. We’re not experts on any of these topics, and we value the varied and diverse experiences of our crew, so we’re thrilled to call on and amplify the stories of people we really admire.  

Each month, we’ll host a short video on Instagram live, which you can join along with or simply watch and enjoy! We’ll also be sharing meaningful interviews in which our featured guests can share their stories and perspectives on topics ranging from community building and social justice to supporting our local farmers.  

Our first episode will feature our founder + furniture builder extraordinaire and his favorite sous chef Frankie. We’ll be making handmade pasta, an age-old tradition that truly brings everyone together around the table for collaboration and comfort, a beautiful metaphor for how we plan to navigate the times ahead.  

Are there some topics that you’ve been wondering about, or that you’re having trouble articulating for your little ones? Is there a guest you’d feel would be a perfect fit for this series? We’d love to hear from you! Share your questions and ideas with us here. 

We so look forward to engaging with you and cooking together, see you in the kitchen soon!