Meet the Kid's Desk+Chair Set

Meet the Kid's Desk+Chair Set

We’ve spent a lot of time in the past months sketching and making prototypes of items to introduce to our collection later this year. But in the past few weeks, the year has drastically changed and our timelines were forced to be adjusted.

Like many of you reading this, our dining room table turned into a conference room, snack station, craft corner, and math lesson center. My wife and I are working from home as we embark on a new career of teaching our kids from our living room. And, we quickly realized we all need a little space to call our own.

Enter the Desk+Chair Set.

I built my children desks to provide them with some much needed space and autonomy in their home learning environment—and immediately had requests from other parents at their school for desks for their own homes. Fast forward to today and now any parent can order one, delivered to your door—fully assembled. 

Built to give your little one autonomy and independence in their work and studies at home, here are some highlights of our Desk+Chair Set…

  • Built-in storage for books, pens + water bottle with pre-punched holes for cords
  • Delivered fully assembled with all fastenings hidden internally
  • Designed and sized for kids ages 3-9
  • Assembled by hand with environmentally + kid-friendly finishes
  • Constructed of Baltic Birch plywood, FSC + CARB certified
  • Designed and made in the USA
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Some notes + background on our current production…

As a former chef, much of my community is rooted in the restaurant industry and my heart goes out to those deeply affected by the current situation. We will be hiring cooks and employees that have been laid off during this time to help execute this project. As a small business our impact might be small, but we are trying to do all that we can to support our local economy.

We wish we could magically make our furniture appear in your homes, but the reality is it will take about 4 weeks for the first orders to be fulfilled. We know, we are all ready for some space NOW—but we stand by our procurement, quality and sustainability standards, and each piece is finished and assembled by hand in our brooklyn studio before heading to your home. 
Childrens Desk

“We have kids. We’re working parents. We’re all stuck at home. Everyone needs a workspace they can MAKE THEIR OWN to maintain sanity and have a place to retreat to that they have ownership over. What little empowerment we can give ourselves, we should.”

If your feelings align with these, head to our shop to learn how our Desk+Chair Set fits into your home learning environment.